Special Watermelon faced Neymar

matos2A chef in Brazil provide encouragement and moral support to his idol player, Neymar, who suffered a fractured spine. The chef named Mauricio Matos Edmar make special watermelon-faced Neymar.

Matos everyday work in preparing cold foods at a hotel in Manaus. He’s also creative to create decorative food for display in the workplace.

At the start of the World Cup, he once carved faces two soccer stars on a watermelon, namely Mario Balotelli and Cristiano Ronaldo.

At the time of Neymar should be absent in the semi-final against Germany due to injury, many Brazilian fans expressing sympathy and prayer for healing. Matos using watermelon as a method to motivate him.

Face close up Neymar was evident in one part of the watermelon. Underneath, it read ‘Forca’.

“We all menyemangatimu, Neymar. Decisive and stronger. Your dream is not over,” said Matos told Globo Esporte.

Brazil-Germany match will be held at the Estadio Mineirao (Belo Horizonte) on Wednesday (09/07/2014) pm dawn. and you can watch livescore online streaming here

Love to dive in Derawan

1404104448920681621Derawan Island Derawan Islands is located in the cluster, District Derawan, Berau regency, East Kalimantan. The beauty of this island makes labeling a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005. Prestige of the beauty of the underwater world and its biota make us choose it as a diving destination in mid-April. Selected itineraries are Jakarta-Balikpapan-Berau aircraft. Then proceed with the road from Tanjung Batu headland Redeb to dock. Long road trip about 2 hours. From Tanjung Batu, changing modes of transportation using a wooden boat to the island Derawan. For about 45 minutes. Calm sea. Fitting season for sea travel.

Derawan archipelago consists of several islands both inhabited or not. There are three islands that are very popular for divers and become a sort of compulsory objectives: Kakaban, Maratua and Charitable.

The first morning in Derawan greeted panoramic sunrise. Swell up fast on the horizon Tmur the seconds recorded by a camera capable of movement. Dramatic views of the water from the shore it is very clear. Resort that we live in right position overlooking the beach. Resort slick run small. Quickly, trip participants to be close to the resort crew. Not much time to linger to enjoy the morning. The breakfast in the morning, then prepare to go diving spots that day: Kakaban. In the local language, Kakaban meaning “embrace”. Because the island hugging the lake Kakaban kakaban as iconic for travel enthusiasts.

The first dive spot called Kristy point. As a warm up dive, along with 10 friends who were divided into 2 groups began plunging at a depth of about 20 meters combing coral wall. Visibility is quite good. There is no current means. Two guides, and Bang Bang Eli Noldi of Derawan Dive Lodge which is a group effort Dive Tasik very reliable to show the beauty of sea coral and other biota. Some lucky friends, met with the pigmy seahorse is cute. The second dive spot called the channel, actually hoping to see that again Baracuda line parade. But unfortunately, was not lucky. After the second dive, the following destinations are Lake Kakaban, As well fill the time during the surface interval.

Water that meets Kakaban lake formed by the mixing of sea water trapped in lakes, ground water and rain water. Lake surrounded by reefs and mangrove forests which seems to be a fence. Biota primarily jellyfish that do not sting. The legend says that there are only 2 in the world. The process of evolution that occurs over millions of years caused the type of jellyfish is unique here. Cassiopea type, move inversely with feet facing upwards. Scientific sources mention this because jellyfish do a mutual symbiosis with algae on the legs that need the sun for photosynthesis food.

It feels a mixture of still do not believe, moved, delighted to be planted on the lake Kakaban. Usually Just see, read and hear from a variety of media. Now our feet tread the straight. In this lake, just swim and snorkel without fins are allowed in order not to disturb the jellyfish. About an hour, the team enjoyed precious moments chatting with the jellyfish in this shallow lake.

A third dive not far from the pier Kakaban. Still combing coral wall. The water is still crystal-clear in a depth of about 20 meters from the surface. Here we feel the thermocline phenomenon for the first time. Meeting of cold water with warmer water raises body sensation divers.


download (1)Definition
Smart infusion pump infusion pump is a device-based wireless technology that has served as a software based, which is designed to connect data between central intravenous drug information and tools in the hospital for monitoring, control and receives reports from the system, with the aim to reduce the risk of errors the intravenous administration of drugs.

The advantages of smart infusion pump
a. – Having a data storage center (library) for storing instructions drug dose data
b. – Conduct the program in accordance with the instructions stored dose to remind relevant multidisciplinary team

The function of smart infusion pump

Detecting when the fluid in the infusion has been showing signs of exhaustion, it will send a signal to the control center next to the control center sends a response to restock.
The benefits of smart infusion
a. – Recognize the safe limit sign
– Limit the infusion rate in m / l hour infusion can be added without the need for manual calculations, can also put data on the patient’s weight so smart infusion pump can remind nurses that a given drug does not exceed the patient’s weight.

b. – The selection of drugs according to therapeutic indication

– For specific drugs as in the case of stroke, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, drug library can be set to allow the selection of drugs according to therapeutic indication.

c. – Barcode drug

– Smart infusion device that can read barcodes applied pharmacy or manufacturer. When the barcode is scanned diobat intravenous, infusion pump automatically selects the correct treatment.

Operational smart infusion pump
a. When turn on the smart infusion pump then the tool will ask the patient care area to enter data which is then automatically configure the tool to adjust the infusion parameters on the treatment area.
b. Next the program will display the intended drug and the concentration of the drug, dosage and enter the command flow of infusion

c. Smart infusion pump will then check the information held by the library. If the parameters are programmed in accordance with the data on the smart infusion pump libraries will start working, but if what has been programmed outside of recommended smart infusion pump will then issue a token to remind officers that dose would be a mistake.

The advantages and limitations of smart intravenous pump
a. Intravenous fluid administration to patients more accurate calculation according to the needs of patients without any manual calculations.
b. Can prevent the occurrence of errors kind of fluid administration, dose and concentration
c. May give a warning (with sound) to the nurse if there is congestion of fluid and sends the information to the control room when the infusion fluid will run out.
d. Can record / record information about the time, the amount of fluid and the fluid types that have been given to patients.
e. Can be used for administration of fluids / 2 line intravenous treatment
f. Has a bar-code of pharmaceutical manufacturers to identify the type of drug to be administered intravenously.
a. Can not be taken away from the bedside of patients having to be connected to the electrical installer.
b. Mengentri data manually, one entry can lead to medication administration errors.
c. Should be routinely programmed his bar-code in accordance with the development of pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Smart pump intravenous application in Indonesia
Smart intravenous pump is a drug delivery technology and intravenous fluids. In Indonesia, the administration of drugs and intravenous fluids are often performed in health care institutions, particularly in the health care and more frequent hospitalizations in intensive care spaces including the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). Giving intravenous fluids and medications are still mostly done manually both in terms of recording, pengechekan, calculation and control.
Administration of fluids and drugs intravenously requires precision and vigilance, because the gift directly to the blood vessels so that the reaction becomes faster. A pediatric nurse has a responsibility to care and treatment of patients, including patient safety while in the hospital, known as patient safety. The term patient safety not only focus on accident prevention strategy, but an effort to prevent injury to children caused directly by health providers themselves (Miller et al, 2011).
Based on the advantages that exist, in the future, the use of smart intravenous pumps can be applied in Indonesia, because it can have a positive impact in the field of nursing, especially nursing child. Nursing interventions would be more qualified because it can minimize medication errors, inaccuracies, and SOPs are wrong. In addition the use of smart intravenous pump, will not interfere with the intervention of other professions but it can support the intervention of other professions. For example in the provision of medication and fluids, the doctor will give instruction sequences use of drugs and fluids. The sequence can be programmed on the smart pump so that the monitoring intravenous drug and fluid administration, nurses do not always have to ask the doctor about the administration of drugs and fluids further, because it is hard-wired into the smart intravenous pump.
Smart intravenous pump can provide benefits to patients, in terms of legal aspects. Appreciating one’s life (the patient) can be performed by nurses with interventions carefully and accurately. Non malefisien seen from dangers arising from the use of smart pump is minimal compared to intravenous administration of drugs and fluids manually.
Even if the use of smart intravenous pump has been introduced since 2001 and may have a positive impact in the nursing child (but at the present time the use of smart intravenous pumps can not be applied in Indonesia. This is because it requires a lot of equipment procurement costs, let alone the use of this tool needed in large quantities due to the administration of drugs and fluids often performed in healthcare facilities. Additionally, the use of these tools requires special skills, but our human resources have not been trained. on the other hand, bar-code smart intravenous pump should be routinely programmed as producer regular pharmacy also manufacture a new drug, it must be done in order to be able to recognize the smart pump intravenous drug administered. implications of these activities also resulted in increased costs.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Smart infusion pump is a computerized system that aims to help nurses reduce errors intravenous fluids and medications. That can prevent a fatal error in the treatment of life-threatening. Smart infusion pump is a very effective use in pediatric patients due to its use can help nurses provide accurate therapy. The role and optimal support needed to help the realization of the program can be sustained so well.
Required optimal participation of health personnel for the implementation of this program. Education about computerization should also be given by health workers, especially nurses. Research on the computerized system is also very helpful in the process of the latest innovations.

The World Has Little Different

download (2)Cheerfully pitched song fragments on a sound out of a group of children playing together, with laughter that decorate the atmosphere of playing them. Playing is a word that is synonymous with the world of children. The children were with her ‚Äč‚Äčinnocence, spend more time with laughter by playing with his friends. Do you remember the game you as a child? Back in the early 90’s until the early 21st century among children are still familiar with the game congklak, gangsing, hide and seek, Domikado, castle, inflatable play, etc.. Such games make children more familiar with each other’s friends sepermainannya, strengthen relationships among friends, and accustom them to strategize in the group. However, where this time the chattering of excited children play the game?

Our current era is characterized by modern-day society that has begun synonymous with individualistic attitudes. With the modern era, the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, thus making the parents provide sophisticated things to their children, such as the latest gadgets. Actually, there is nothing wrong with giving the latest gadgets to children, but it should be still under the control of parents and parents to be aware of what age their child should be eligible to receive advanced gadgdet with all the trimmings. This phenomenon makes the kids used to the habit of clinging to the sophisticated gadgets in which there is an exciting games and applications a more modern, happy face is constantly in front of a computer or laptop to spend his time playing digital games, fun with robots or puppets or other electrically games. Habits of children as it makes them “Technology Addicts”. They feel lost when it is not in contact with the gadget along with an exciting modern game, rather than spending time playing traditional games with other friends. In Republika Online Friday, January 17, 2014, said that:

“Based on the results of the survey, one in three children even start using a smartphone at the age of three years. One of 10 children enjoyed the gadgets in the younger age two years. This phenomenon shows, millions of children have gadget addiction. Last year, a girl of eight tahiun spent four thousand pounds when playing online games via his iPad. Technology giant Apple, iPad brand owners have earned at least 32.5 billion pounds for the purchase of the application. ”


They are not ‘tasting’ future children should be able to feel the traditional game with meghabiskan time with friends. With traditional games as was done by the old children have a positive influence, of which they are accustomed to socializing with the surrounding environment, accustomed to working with others, further strengthen the friendship, and better understand what the other person for him. However, it is inversely proportional to the kids of today are familiar with online games or other sophisticated games that cause them to get used to living individualistic, high due to the nature of his ego always oriented themselves to win, less familiar with the outside world, less able to interact with surrounding environment, and are not accustomed to working with another friend. Actually, not entirely sophisticated games have a negative impact. It also has a positive impact, such as a child becoming technology literate, and do not stutter in the use of technology. However, in this case the parents should play an active role so that the children can maximize the use of technology well.

Actually, this phenomenon can not blame one hundred percent to the child. Because, in the person committing the action would have been grounded with a motive. Similarly, within the children. Gerungan said that:

“The motive is a sense that encompasses all the driving, reason or impulse in man which caused him to do something. Human motives can work consciously, and unconsciously. ”


The tendency of children today who do not know the old game, which has been sidetracked by gadgets in the modern game, can be influenced by the role of the people around him. In the study of social psychology, it is included in sosiogenetis motif. Gerungan said that:

“The motive is the motive sosiogenetis studied by people coming from the environment and culture in which it is located and thrive.”

In addition, within the children have an inquisitive nature and properties mimic high. It relates to mimic the social learning theory (social learning theory) of Bandura.

“Social Learning Theory seeks to explain human behavior is seen in terms of continuous reciprocal interaction between cognitive factors, behavioral, and environmental factors.” (Hall, Calvin S, 1993: 279)

Social learning theory emphasizes the process of imitating and observing the behavior of others as a model for him. This imitation (imitating the behavior of others) and the observations made by the individual is a learning process for them to act.

As with this phenomenon, the result of which occurred in children now is a process of observation and imitation that they did. Like, they’re used to playing games on the gadget because they often see their family or friends who are also doing these things. By nature children are synonymous with innocence, then the imitation process also appears to not be easily controlled and it turned into a habit that continues to ‘consumed’.

For us who grew up with the increasing age, feeling nostalgic always felt if ‘look’ behind the times when traditional games are still played. The difference was very pronounced with a small child today, most of which are not aware of the game they are supposed to ‘consumption’. Feels sad to see this phenomenon as first almost every afternoon the children spend time playing games with her friends do.

Now, it is time for an active role of the young generation to introduce traditional games or game time immemorial to the children, so that traditional games are not getting lost. Because children today should be taught to play the positive things that can build character themselves.

World Cup Soccer and A Love Named

That night, when Brazuca kiss for the first time in the green grass Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo, right in the middle of the players as Brazil and Croatia, the whole world held its breath, preparing to witness history. That night, under the gaze of millions of pairs of eyes, the World Cup; the largest sporting event in the universe, begins.

That’s when all the football players strip club badge their greatness and unite under the banner of where they came from. No more Real Madrid or Barcelona, no more Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool. Ramos and Pique shaking hands, raising the defense of Spain, as well as Xabi Alonso and Andres Iniesta in midfield. Lampard and Gerrard work together under the banner of the Three Lions, they forget the fierce competition in the Premier League. Marcelo and Neymar running together along the left axis Brazil, one after another, forgetting the El Classico, to seize hexacampeonato focus on their own home page.

Among the fans, there was no inter-segment club. In Italy, no more Milanisti, Romanisti, Interisti, and Juventus, they forget the Serie A, simultaneous support of Gli Azzuri. While in the Iberian peninsula, as their players, Cules and Madridista united to Spain. The same thing happens all over the world. Changed their jersey. Fanaticism club was defeated by nationalism, at least for the next thirty days.

Then, witnessed by the world, re-invented histories, goals are born, and again celebrated celebration. Within two weeks from the kick off Brazil versus Croatia, 136 goals created from 48 matches. Millions of fans cheer, cry, smile, or laugh for the sake of those goals. The winners and losers find themselves praised or scorned by the whole world. In the meantime, keep on flowing Brazuca agile in Corinthians, Maracana, Mineirao, Aderaldo Castelo, until at the Fonte Nova, played by the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, or Andreas Iniesta. Finding the best team that can bring the gold trophy Silvio Gazzaniga. While football is played in various styles; Jogo Bonito, Total Football, Kick and Rush, Catenaccio, until Tiki Taka.

Many stories were created there, ranging from stories of betrayal Diego Costa to the heroic story of Lionel Messi with Argentina. Starting from the action of flying van Persie, Suarez bite up against Chiellini. Then there is the tragic story of the removal of large countries has become a center of world football,-England, Spain, Portugal, and Italy-as a surprise coming from semenjana countries such as Chile, Algeria, Greece, Nigeria, and Costa Rica. The stories were sometimes stained intrigue and controversy that is refreshing and always interesting to follow. All were summarized and recorded in a variety of colors, which spent ink journalists from all over the world.

In a portrait, world cup gives a story that is really complete. All contained therein. This is the story of the struggles, dreams are fulfilled, the expectations come true, unrequited love, and vice versa. All of it wrapped in a cry, singing, crying, emotion, celebration, until controversy. On the other hand, the World Cup is a story that can not be predicted. A concrete example comes from La Furia Roja. No one can imagine Spain, World Cup champions in South Africa in 2010 and Euro 2012, can be slaughtered and silenced Chile Netherlands 5-1 2-0 at the start of their journey in Brazil, which makes them faster to lift the suitcase. While it was a surprise coming from a country in Africa. An Algeria fan held out his hands to the sky visible above the Arena da Baixada when the country managed to draw against Fabio Capello and Russia belong to Belgium following the knockout round. Such is football. World Cup is a picture of many stories into a portrait of a sport called football.

“Football is actually just a simple game. 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes. ”

Gary Lineker is not known to be part of a group of people who are skeptical of the football. He was one of the attackers England in the late 19th century who played at clubs such as Leicester City, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur to Barcelona. In England he created 48 goals from 80 matches. Certainly not a bad record for a footballer. But through the statement, he, consciously or not, expressed his views on football that seem sarcastic. Such sentences can be found on Wikipedia or Dictionary of Indonesian. Formally Football is like that. It’s that simple. There’s nothing wrong. But if it’s sarcastic view on the zoom a little, there will be things that can not be explained there. Things that may not be fully understood by the “outsider”, the people who know football just outside of unrest in the stadium.

“Quantum physics is simpler than football.”

Indeed these words are not spoken by a football player like Gary Lineker or class manager Sir Alex Ferguson. He came out of an “outsider” named Stephen Hawking. And that’s not just a Stephen Hawking. He was one of the scientists and leading academics or celebrities in the world. From it was born the theories of quantum physics are well known; theory of cosmology, quantum gravity, black holes and Hawking radiation. He is Da Vinci’s Today. Award-long appreciation lined along the red carpet Queen Elizabeth; Eddington Medal, the Hughes Medal, Albert Einstein Medal, the Franklin Medal, the Order of the British Empire, the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society, the Wolf Prize, Prince of Asturias Awards, Companion of Honour, Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize, Copley Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Eccentric rhetoric was certainly not impressed to note and excessive or unjustified; it came out of a professor of physics genius who looks already bored with his genius. But at least, there is an impression that could be seen from the professor through his assertion that football is not as simple as that.

Football is about how to put the ball into the opposing goal. It’s all about goals. A team may only control the ball by 70% for 2 x 45 min. But it will be useless if they do not make the goal. Goals are the most important thing in this game. And to that end, various roads, strategy and style of play implemented. The Englishman is hard, for example, they prefer to play a physical football. Kick and Rush. They made a goal with long passes being pursued by the speed of the players; direct football. While the people of Spain more patient, they enjoy every pass and play short passes in the killing. They dismantle opposing defenses as patient as Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Often the style of play reflects the personality of a nation, the UK is hard to Kick and Rush are aggressive, expansive with Dutch Total Football is offensive, or Brazil with its Jogo Bonito; they dribble light as they dance the Samba.

Style of play that is not the same of course requires a very different quality players. English football requires players to have a speed and physical strength are formidable. Midfielder-gelandangnya pengoper required to be a great distance. They are not afraid to undergo a body charge or physical contact in order to create or prevent a goal into the net. Goals are created from beautiful curved hard kick from outside the penalty box, the chaos in front of goal, or directed header that welcomes feedback wing players. The game quickly cause confusion for their opponents. While in Iberia, the Spanish players have different characteristics, they graciously and patiently on the field. Midfielder-midfielder has the ability to set the rhythm in midfield to pass the ball to the attackers on a regular basis and can provide a surprising breakthrough bait that can not be trusted. They would not let the opponent had the ball for too long. The attacker has a high cruising. They could find an empty space that escaped the offside trap. Most scenarios that will end when their striker facing one on one with the opposing goalkeeper. Then the goal came from an elegant flick or bait slowly pull the pretty struck by the player who is in the second tier. They are as beautiful and complex as creating goals Salvaldor Dali painting Dream Caused Flight Bumblebee Around pomergranate Second Before Awakening. Then there’s more belonging to the Dutch Total Football, Catenaccio of Italy, to Jogo Bonito from Brazil. These are then combined with the composition of the players on the field, technical and non-technical factors, psychology, and other things. It all boils down to one important thing; goals.

The problem becomes slightly more complicated when football became the most popular sport on the planet and “put the ball into the goal” it is to be seen and or anticipated by millions of people around the world. Cheers or shouts of excitement disappointed hundreds of millions of football fans around the world is only determined by the small moments that are vital on the field. By reactive, it will cause ekpetasi that cause stress. In developed countries, soccer player,-inevitably-be a public figure who is known by many people. Each player behavior will be watched by millions of eyes and journalist who has been alert to the pen in the palm of their hands. When this is no longer the days where Duncan Edwards paid 15 pounds per week or the time when Bobby Charlton soak her feet in ice the injured throughout the night in order to play against Charlton Athletic next day. When this is the time where football is more than just 22 players chasing the ball for 90 minutes.

Football has turned into an identity. The fans call themselves the Reds, the Blues, The Citizen, Juventus, Madridista, Evertonians, the Gunners until the Jackmania or Bonek; “The Bondo reckless”. They proudly wear the logos of their respective clubs and create great communities which led capitalist spying from behind the door to look for financial gain. All of that is not going to happen just because there are 22 people chasing a ball scramble with no meaning.

There is a reason why Evertonian always make Goodison Park is always rumbling in every weekend, when The Tofees have never lifted the Premier League trophy for more than two decades. The reason it will not be much different from the reason Romeo Montaque when he dared to climb a window in Verona to meet her hero, or when he is desperate to end his life. The reason why love. In the UK, the story of Ian Rush and his friends who brought the Kop debuted in the 80s may be more popular than the story of Jack and The Beanstalk. The children would rather hear stories about the legend Eric Cantona, Zidane, Pele, Maradona, David Beckham or hear than in the past history of the British industrial revolution. Such is the story of a little football in the modern era. Separates football from today’s modern society is tantamount to divorce the sky with clouds. No way. Football has become a reality once the drama wrapped in intrigue that often epic.

Football is actually more than just football. He is love. Today, love is sung for ninety minutes at the Maracana, Mineirao, Aderaldo Castelo, until at Garrincha and Fonte Nova by fans who came from all over the world. Love is in the hands of every fan who anxiously at the eighty-fifth minute, when their team was winning one-zero. Love is in the hope that any fans who are willing to sit in front of the screen at two o’clock in the morning. Love it there on every touchdown celebration football players who ran up to half of the field with his colleagues. Love was in tears crying every player and fan who was disappointed by the defeat or victory moved since. Football is more than just a sport. Its a bond. Called love.